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Welcome to Bellefaye's website!

The cinema and audiovisual's professional directory brings together 30.000 contacts in 600 different professions.

Within few months of overhauling the website Bellefaye is recurring.
Production, distribution, television, materiel rental, studios and laboratories, video and multimédia, organisations and training, festivals and movie theatres. You can find companies' addresses linked to the film industry.
But also take a look on detailed information about technicians (production's director, operateurs chiefs, floor managers, set designers, make-up artists...), film makers and actors.

The directory is daily updated, as well as our different sections: cinemas, news, agendas, jobs advertisements....
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Les dernières actualités

Reda Kateb dans Qui vive, de Marianne Tardieu
« Je connaissais l’ACID sans y être jamais allé. C’est...


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